Winter Travel Essentials & Packing Tips

Packing for cold weather can be tricky. Thankfully, we’ve created a winter travel packing list to ensure you stay warm no matter where you go. Including both winter clothing and travel essentials, the following items have got you covered for your next winter escape.

From heat packs and lip balm to that all-important water bottle, this list of winter travel essentials is your go-to when packing for cold weather.

Winter Travel Essentials

Whether hitting the road or flying by airplane, there are certain items you simply cannot travel without — regardless of your destination. To make your cold weather trip as smooth as possible, make sure you don’t leave home without the following essentials.

Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is important, especially while traveling. Ensure you’ve always got plenty of water on-hand with a lightweight, yet durable water bottle, like this Corkcicle Canteen.

While you might not be heading to the tropics, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Skin damage and sunburn still occur in the cold weather, so pack an SPF50+ sunscreen to apply daily.


With their ease of wear, slides are a travel essential — no matter the weather. Pair them with socks for added insulation on your travels. For extra cushiony comfort, consider the adidas Adilette Cloudfoam Plus Slide Sandals, available for both men and women.

Crossbody Bag

Aside from your larger luggage, you’ll also need somewhere convenient and inconspicuous to store your credit cards, money, phone, or other valuables during your travels. This is where a crossbody bag, like the Nike Air Max Essential Crossbody Bag or The North Face Jester Crossbody Bag, comes in handy, as you can simply wear them under your jacket for added security.

Heat Packs

If you’re heading to an icy destination where heat is hard to come by, consider packing some air-activated heat packs to place inside of your clothing for extra warmth. Although these heat packs are often single-use, their instant heat can be a lifesaver during a frosty trip.

Essential Cold-Weather Shoes & Apparel

Now that we’ve covered the must-pack travel items while on the go, let’s focus on the winter clothing essentials you shouldn’t leave home without.

Down Jacket

Long-sleeve Tops


The Nike Club Fleece range also features sweatpants designed to keep you warm. Tech Fleece sweatpants are available for both men and women to protect you from the cold. In terms of comfort while traveling, you simply can’t beat them.

Thermal Gloves

Beat the heat and keep your hands warm with a pair of gloves. If you’re traveling to a destination where it’ll be snowing, you’ll also want to ensure your gloves have thermal properties, like these Nike Thermal Sherpa Gloves.

Winter Boots

Beanies and Scarves

Top 5 Winter Travel Packing Tips

Now that you know what travel essentials to pack for a winter trip, you might be wondering how you can fit it all in your luggage. Below, we’ve covered the most important winter travel packing tips so you can bring your A-game.

1. Monitor the Weather

Check the weather prediction in the weeks before your trip, as some locations may experience a mild winter while others may see below-freezing temperatures. Doing so will help you determine exactly what you need to pack.

2. Plan Your Outfits in Advance

Choosing outfits that are versatile will help you stay comfortable in various temperatures. For example, if you’re traveling somewhere cool but not freezing, wear layers so that you can adjust for temperature changes throughout the day.

3. Choose the Right Fabrics

You want to choose fabrics that are warm and lightweight, as well as water-repellent and breathable.

Water-resistant outerwear will keep moisture from getting into your layers of clothing underneath, while breathable ones allow sweat vapor to escape, so you stay dry on the inside too. Merino wool is perfect for this because it’s naturally water-resistant while providing superior insulation.

Other ideal materials include fleece, duck or goose down, wool blend, or anything with a waterproof membrane.

4. Minimize Space When Packing

To save space in your luggage, roll, tuck, or vacuum-seal your clothes. Rolled clothing allows you to fit more items into a smaller space, as does tucking garments into other items, like placing a rolled-up scarf into a pair of boots.

To save even more space in your suitcase, consider vacuum-sealing some of your bulkier garments. This’ll allow them to compress down to a fraction of their size while still allowing them to retain their original shape once unsealed.

5. Wear Bulkier Clothing During Travel

Wear your bulkiest clothing during transit, whether it’s on a plane, train, or boat. This frees up additional room and weight from your suitcase, helping you to fit the most important items in it.

Ready for Your Next Adventure?

If you’re planning on braving the cold weather with a winter adventure, Finish Line’s range of winter essentials will help you turn up the heat. With favorites from The North Face, Timberland, Nike, and more, you’ll feel cozy while looking cool.

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